Boost your revenue with loans made for everyone

Whether you want to lend to more Canadians, or lend for the first time, Fig is a seamless, API-first way to monetize your customer base and attract new customers.

Our solutions

Whether you’re looking to approve more customers, or offer personal loans to your customers, we have a solution for you.

Approval Plus

Lend to customers outside your risk appetite

Increase approval rates and turn a 'no' into a 'yes' with second-look lending you can drop into your existing origination experience.

Built for: RPOS Financers, Prime Lenders

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Big Ticket Financing

Lend on larger dollar purchases

Secure new merchant partners by offering payment plans for customers checking out with carts of up to $25,000.

Built for: Buy Now Pay Later Companies

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Embedded Lending

Offer a personal loan to your customers directly within your product experience by leveraging Fig's LaaS (Lending-as-a-service) platform.

Built for: Loan Aggregators, Fintechs

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Why work with us?

Not only are we good at lending, but our product is pretty great too!

High approval rates

We’re using a proven credit model that lets us lend deep into near and non-prime credit scores on high purchase amounts.

That means that we’ll say “yes” when other lenders may have to say “no”.

A big balance sheet, with no risk to you

Being backed by a Tier 1 bank (Fairstone Bank) comes with advantages.

We’ve got a large balance sheet, the ability to raise more funds, and an appetite for good credit performance.

API first

Like batch files and uploads to SFTP drop boxes? Neither do we.

We’re API-first through and through, and have collaborated with our partners on lending APIs that make sense for both of us.

We handle all servicing and collections

We take care of the toughest (and riskiest) part of lending: collecting!
Borrowers repay their loans to Fig and we’re also there first whenever they get in trouble.

Fully automated decisioning

No human is in the loop when Fig says “yes” to a borrower.

This lets us make decisions quickly, which leads to happy borrowers.

Earn incremental revenue

With Fig, you'll earn referral fees on each customer who books a loan.

These are customers you wouldn't have approved previously, so it's bonus revenue, without the cost.

A Fairstone Bank Company

Fig is a unique company backed by Fairstone Bank and Koru, a groundbreaking venture studio owned by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. Fairstone has almost 100 years of lending experience allowing Fig to combine the best of both worlds - the agility and scrappiness of the start-up world and the experience, stability and resources of the corporate world.

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