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Fig Lend

Provide your existing customers with tailored loan offers embedded within your product experience.

Why Fig Lend just makes sense

We’ll power you to offer your customers a best-in-class personal loan experience.

Monetize your existing customers

Provide more value to your customers by seamlessly integrating a new product offering - all while earning a referral fee.

Take on no risk. Really

Let us take on the risk of lending. Everything from meeting regulatory requirements, to having expertise in credit models and efficient access to funds (courtesy of our backing by a Schedule 1 Bank - Fairstone Bank).

We handle the hard stuff

We handle everything from origination to servicing, collections and beyond. All you have to do is sit back and watch the revenue come in.

How it works

Offer personal installment loans embedded on your site

With our API-first approach, you can present pre-qualified loan offers to your customers directly within your current product experience.

We’ll handle the application and approval of the loan

Customers can qualify for offers, apply and get approved all within minutes - without leaving your product experience.

And, we’ll do the servicing and collections too

Fig handles all servicing and collections for you! We also offer an extensive Help Centre and live chat, so borrowers can get the help they need, when they need it. We know your customers are important to you - they are important to us too!

Strengthen customer relationships and earn revenue

With Fig, you’ll earn referral fees on each customer who books a loan. We’ll also partner with you on marketing initiatives to keep driving volume!

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